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        Shooting Philosophy

        I have always loved the classics. I love to know that what I invest in is going to last forever. This has carried over to into the way I shoot & edit: simple, timeless, and nostalgic.

        Timeless looks like your dad, nervously standing outside of your suite waiting to see you for the first time. It looks like your bridesmaid beaming with pride, because she watched you walk a long, hard road to get to this altar. It looks like your little brother, who has only ever expressed disinterest to your love life, getting choked up the first time he sees you in your dress.

        These are the things I search for. I wait for. I watch for. The moments that mean the most, the ones that only last for a second. These moments will pass, but I hope to help them live forever.

        All I want is to create something that you will treasure for a lifetime. Simple, timeless, and nostalgic images. Because in 50 years, I sure hope no one cares about how many likes the photo got on instagram.


        What kind of equipment do you use?

        Do you shoot weddings that require travel?

        How do you edit your photos?

        Do you offer stand alone engagement sessions?

        How do we book you?

        How many hours of coverage do you provide on a wedding day?

        How much do you charge?


        I shoot with a mix of digital, 35mm film, point-and-shoot, and polaroid! Right now, my equiptment is a Canon 5D Mark IV & a Canon 6D, with corresponding lenses - preferrably my 50mm & 85mm fixed. For my film, I shoot with several different cameras — Pentax 67, Canon AE-1, Olympus Mju II, and Instax Wide, but I am always adding to that arsenal. I fell thar adding variety pulls from different feelings and colors that were present during the day.

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